Relief Milking

Calibre Services Limited: Relief Milking

Calibre Services Limited (CSL) is a newly established agricultural services company.  CSL currently has one full time employee: Cassandra Ryder. At this stage CSL offers relief milking services in the Waikato area.

Profile: Cassandra Ryder

I graduated with a degree in agricultural science in 2009, prior to graduation I worked as a relief milker in Waikato and Canterbury areas. I have gained a wealth of experience across a range of farms, large and small. I have worked in Rotary and Herringbone sheds. I am competent enough to complete millings from shed start up to plant wash down by myself where possible and I don’t mind going the extra mile. I am an efficient worker in a shed with a good cupping speed. I am able to identify and handle problems that pop up in dairy sheds well. I am able to deal with and pick up on animal health problems i.e. sick cows, lame cows, cows with early mastitis.

Relief Milking Rates

Unless otherwise quoted, CSL rates are $25/hour plus GST. A trvel charge may be applicable for 30km+ of  travel.Because you are taking on an independent contractor  there is no PAYE to complete, there is no additional ACC fees payable and you pay monthly as per your invoice.

Contact Details

Cellphone        0226575139

Free phone:     0800 124 275 (0800 1 AG CSL)