Freeze Branding

Calibre Services Limited now offers freeze branding services throughout the Waikato and nationwide dependant on demand. We mainly brand cattle but we can brand horses as well. You will find animal identification is far easier when your stock are freeze branded. We use dry ice which we believe is the most pain free form of freeze branding.


Why Brand Your Cows?

  • Cow branding provides a quick & easy means of in-shed cow identification.
  • Modern day freeze branding is relatively pain and stress free to animals.
  • Cow brands can be reconciled with animal ear tags.
  • Information such as age, cow number and ownership details can be branded onto cows.
  • You will no longer need to put yourself or your staff at risk climbing kick rails in sheds to ID cows.
  • Having your cows branded makes significant events such as herd testing much faster, much easier and reduces the likelihood of error.
  • Cow branding is surprisingly affordable, Calibre Services Limited can brand your cows with a basic brand for approximately $4.50/cow plus GST. We also offer A-Z cipher brands if required.

So why wouldn't you brand your cows?


For more information or to make booking please contact us via the methods below:

Free Phone: 0800 124 275 (0800 1 AG CSL)

Phone: 022 657 5139


Cassandra Ryder,
11 Jun 2011, 13:38